The year 1973 saw the release of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, the end of the television series Bonanza, a first-class stamp was 8 cents, and a package of Oreos cost 59 cents. It was also the year when Dr. Robert Hasse established Desert West Ob. Gyn. Shortly afterward, Drs. Robert Lange and Ole Borch-Christensen joined the practice.

According to Dr. Borch-Christensen, “The three partners shared the same values and intentions of developing a patient-focused practice.”

The original office was at Northern and 61st Avenues, across the street from a very small hospital with two labor rooms where most of their deliveries took place. The area around was predominantly farmland. Surgery and obstetrics were also performed at J.C. Lincoln Hospital at Dunlap Avenue and 2nd Street.

“In order to make the labor and delivery experience as positive as possible,” he said. “we established birthing suites very early on and even water birth in a birthing pool. I vividly remember lots of cowboys being present during labor and a lot of yelling when the new cowboy or cowgirl was delivered!”

Desert West established the first gynecology practice in Sun City in the early 80s, where the physicians performed surgery at Boswell Hospital for many years. To grow and promote the practice each doctor spent an afternoon at a family physician’s office to see gynecologic problems and went on local radio to answer questions.

“Covering three hospitals when on call presented some practical problems since it was in the Beeper era and you never knew if somebody was in labor or if it was a non-urgent matter. Around 1980 Desert West OB/GYN developed and moved into a new medical building near Thunderbird Road and 54th Avenue. When a new hospital – Thunderbird Samaritan (Banner) – was being planned for the lot across from our building, we became very involved in designing its labor and delivery section.”

Once the hospital opened in December 1983, Desert West enjoyed tremendous growth. Thanks to an exceptional and dedicated staff we were able to cope with this expansion.

“It is exceptionally rare that a medical practice remains intact for 50 years. I believe it has a lot to do with the values and priorities established at the initiation of Desert West OB/GYN as well as the selection of highly dedicated and board-certified doctors. Best wishes and here’s to another 50 years!”