Desert West is proud to offer InTone, the only device guaranteed to solve bladder issues related to urinary incontinence without surgery, medication or side-effects.

Whether you experience occasional leaks or more frequent incidents, you don’t have to live with your “weak” or “overactive bladder” any more. InTone helps women regain control of their bladder function, regardless of age, size, or shape, whether you leak a little or a lot. InTone’s patented technology combines the benefits of gentle muscle stimulation to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, with guided biofeedback so you can see proof of your progress. InTone actually treats female bladder leakage at its root cause.

A product of InControl Medical, InTone is a therapy device designed to treat women diagnosed with stress, urge, or mixed incontinence. The device is used in the privacy of your own home and the results electronically monitor your performance to ensure progress.

InTone Certified Specialist

One of four women over age 18 experience either stress incontinence (leakage when they cough, laugh, sneeze, jump or run) or urge incontinence (strong, sudden need to urinate due to bladder spasms). The frustration of these conditions can interfere with the enjoyment of everyday life.

The non-surgical device combines voice-guided pelvic floor exercises, visual biofeedback and electronic muscle stimulation to prevent bladder leakage.

The InTone unit is covered by Medicare and many insurance plans. Patients with stress incontinence follow a 14-week protocol while those with urge incontinence follow a 26-week protocol during which they visit their medical provider weekly to track progress and make adjustments.

InControl will refund the cost of the device if the patient’s condition does not improve after completely following protocol. It is the only company in this field with the confidence to guarantee its product.

The InTone device is available at all Desert West locations.

Women experiencing incontinence can schedule an appointment by calling: 602-978-1500.